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Fetpak's Goal

Our goal is to provide you with products that help your business grow, whether you use our products for packaging your own merchandise or whether you purchase for resale. We pride ourselves on our quality products, low prices, excellent service and quick delivery. We always strive to meet or exceed your expectations whether you are a show vendor, a specialty shop, a chain store, a wholesaler, a manufacturer, an organization, or in the service industry.

Fetpak's History

Here is Fetpak's progression:
1989- We opened our first warehouse, a small 1,769 square foot office and warehouse.

1990- We made a major decision to eliminate our entire line of office and school supplies and this changed the structure of the company. We were now focusing on our shipping supplies and were beginning to establish our retail packaging line.

1992- In March, since our retail packaging line was growing rapidly, we moved three blocks away to a larger office and warehouse.

1994- We expanded our warehouse space again, taking over the unit next door and now giving us over 8,000 square foot of office and warehouse space. Fetpak was listed in Inc Magazine as the 335th fastest growing private company in America.

1997- Fetpak made a major expansion and moved five miles west to our office and warehouse in Commack, New York. Now at 20,000 square feet. Our strong growth continued as we found ways to increase productivity through technology and other means to help serve our customers better and to maintain our low prices.

2001- In January Fetpak introduced Free Shipping to its customers. This was a bold move and one that our customers loved.

2001- Also in January, we introduced our then cutting edge website which served our customers well for ten years. A huge expansion of technology also took place. While most businesses were cutting spending during that recession, Fetpak was increasing spending.

2003- To further fuel our growth, we expanded our office and warehouse space an additional 25%.

2004- Due to a large increase in our customer base, our warehouse system was redesigned to increase the efficiency of order processing. We also hired many new employees each of them knowing that the goal of Fetpak is to serve its customers.

2005- We expanded to 36,000 square feet and revamped our shipping department through software and hardware purchases.

2007- Our rapid growth continued as did our customer base, more technology advances took place to accommodate our customers so we can improve our already efficient service.

2008 to 2010- Despite the steepest recession in over seventy years Fetpak continued serving its customers as before. We expanded our product lines as other companies were cutting back theirs.

2011- Fetpak replaces its old website with a completely new website. One which is more efficient, more user friendly and one we can expand on. We intend to continue to invest heavily on our website to keep it cutting edge.

2013- We continue to expand many product lines. Regarding our website we have made it even more user friendly, as we have redesigned the entire site. Now it's even easier to use than before. We also tremendously expanded our server power to increase the speed of our website. Additionally, to serve you better, many behind the scenes technology changes have been made. Further, we added additional employees to increase efficiencies in order processing.

2015-2016- Fetpak's focus on every angle of Customer Service becomes even greater as we increase our delivery speed over what was already fast delivery. Many areas now receive their orders within 1 to 3 days. Improvements in our fill rate, lower quantity price breaks, and a sharp increase in promotions and coupon codes (log into your account and join our email list to take advantage of our coupons) to help save more and grow your business.

2017- We expanded many of our products to give you a better selection of sizes, styles and colors. We also added many completely new products.

2018- We redesigned Fetpak's Mobile Website to make it even more user friendly and increased the page loading speed on both our Mobile and Desktop sites.

2021- Fetpak was aquired by AJ Schrafel Paper Corp and moved to 82 West Clark St West Haven CT 06516. This move gives us greater flexibiliy to serve our customer and offer exciting new products.

Fetpak's Customer Friendly Policies

Over the years our policies have become more customer friendly. We continue to go in this direction as our FREE SHIPPING policy on ALL orders, which we began in January of 2001, got such positive comments from our customers we decided to make it permanent. This lets our customers know the exact cost of the merchandise when they PLACE their order with no surprise freight charges. With freight charges rising year after year this is a large savings to our customers. We are in business to serve the customer, not to trick the customer with hidden shipping, handling, fuel surcharges and insurance charges. Two other customer friendly policies were also implemented in 2001 and remain in effect today, our return policy and our guarantee. Our return policy has no restocking fee and our guarantee is 30-days on all our products. Fetpak's 30-day guarantee policy is for any reason, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Some of Fetpak's customer friendly policies include:

  1. Most orders shipped the same day if received by 1:00 Eastern Time.
  2. No minimum order.
  3. Free shipping on all orders over $85.00 within the Contiguous 48 States.
  4. Hassle free returns, no restocking fee and a 30-day product guarantee.
  5. Drop shipping to your customer.

For more details see our Terms of Sale page.

Fetpak's High Level of Quality

When purchasing our products we insist that our manufacturers maintain a level of quality that is up to our high standards. Common practice of some of our competitors is to instruct their manufacturers to cut corners, such as shorting counts on bags and stating higher thicknesses than their bags actually are. At Fetpak, integrity is a top priority and one of the reasons that our customers remain loyal to us.

Our bulk buying and our high productivity are reasons our prices are low. We are always searching for manufacturers who can provide high quality products that we in turn can offer to our customers at lower prices than our competitors. Fetpak consults many manufacturers regarding design, production, and packaging. This insures that our customers receive the high quality they expect from Fetpak. As for our productivity, there is an ongoing search to become more efficient so savings can continue to be passed on to you, our valued customers.

Highest regards,

Wayne Fetta
CEO Fetpak, Inc

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