Fetpak’s New Packaging Supplies Catalog

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Fetpak's new 52 page catalog has many new products and we have expanded designs and colors on many of our regular products. We now stock Nitrile Gloves and have expanded our Jewelry Boxes line as well as our Plastic Bags, Paper Bags and Gift Bags line to add more colors and sizes. We also added Self-Adhesive Labels and changed some styles on our Parking Violation Stickers. For the 19th Year in a row we maintain our Free Shipping on all orders over $85. Also same day shipping on all orders received by 1:00 PM ET and most orders received by 3:00 PM ET are too. We don't charge extra for that! We also have a 98% Fill Rate, so chances are we have your product in stock so you don't have to deal with backorders. Request or Download Our Latest Catalog and see the wide selection of pack... Read more


Fetpak Tip- How To Save Money Using Search Engines

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You need to purchase an item, say a case of Plastic Bags.  You go to Google and enter "plastic bags".  Up comes Uline, ranked number one and in the shopping images at the top it's Uline, Uline and more Uline images.  On the image line, Uline comes up in 14 spots out of the first 15.  The billion dollar company has cornered the market on the Google search "plastic bags".  At the time of this writing, Fetpak came up on the second page of "plastic bags"  The naive shopper simply clicks Uline and doesn't bother to do real shopping.  They end up overpaying for the plastic bags they wanted, plus shipping and handling charges too.  This shopping method is equal to walking into an electronics store to purchase a TV and buying the first TV, the one they have setup at the front door.  T... Read more


Special Page Savings at Fetpak – Up To 60% Off

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Fetpak's Specials Page has a wide variety of items, some as much as 60% Off. These are first quality items and all are in stock and ready to ship today. Our Specials Page changes so... Read more


Government Making Decisions For You

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Coupon Code for 10% Off (up to $75) on Your Next Order of any Plastic Bags or Paper Bags with Handles. Coupon Code is hidden inside the below email. This code is good through September 21, 2015. While you are not required to read this email we believe it serves a value to the consumer and business owner alike. California governor Jerry Brown (and some other governors and mayors) has pushed for and has made into law a ban on “single use” Plastic Bags. As of July 2015, most California businesses with revenue over................ Read more

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