Black Friday 40% Off Sale- “Expert” Shoppers Emerge

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We hear all about Black Friday sales the big box stores advertise. What you don't hear is how much these very same stores are taking advantage of the general public. There was an article in Newsday on Nov 24th about how "expert" shoppers get great Black Friday deals. One quote was from an "expert" was, "If a store doesn't give you at least 30% to 40% off I don't even consider going to that store".................. Read more


Using Colored Jewelry Displays and Colored Jewelry Boxes to Increase Sales

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Whether you sell diamond or costume jewelry you have competitors, so drive ahead of your competitors by simply adding colors to your packaging. Most jewelry retailers generally display on black velvet or beige displays. They also generally give the customer either a white cotton box or if selling high quality jewelry a generic black velvet box. Some of them even display their products inside these boxes. Using these plain colors is standard in the industry and also boring. By using colored jewelry displays and colored jewelry boxes................. Read more


Jewelry Pouches and Jewelry Boxes and Using Them to Generate Repeat Business

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You are closing a sale, you have helped the customer decide and the customer likes their purchase and is satisfied with the transaction. You have covered everything and it all appears fine. However you forgot one of the most important things in a business and the very survival of your business is dependent on it. The ultimate question is how do you get your business to stand out and be remembered by your customers? Repeat customers are the lifeblood of a business, without them it fails................ Read more


Save 10%…Also Enter Contest to Win $100.00

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Now you can receive 10% off your next Fetpak order. Just enter coupon code UT10 on our website order form and we will deduct 10%, even on Fetpak Specials and Closeouts. Coupon code is good through November 21, 2013. Read further and find out how to win a $100.00 off your next order............ Read more

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