Jewelry Pouches & Jewelry Boxes and Generating Repeat Business

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You are closing a sale, you have helped the customer decide and the customer likes their purchase and is satisfied with the transaction. You have covered everything and it all appears fine. However you forgot one of the most important things in a business and the very survival of your business is dependent on it. The ultimate question is how do you get your business to stand out and be remembered by your customers? Repeat customers are the lifeblood of a business, without them it fails. You do not have to advertise to receive repeat customers, they are a low cost way to increase sales. Repeat customers also tell their friends and relatives about your business. So you need to close the sale and also think about how do you get this customer to purchase next time.

The question is, what is a simple cost effective way to make your customer remember your business and return? The answer is packaging. Give your customers the right products combined with unique packaging and they will remember your business. Manufacturers often spend large sums of cash on packaging, this is not wasted cash. Their packaging investment produces a large return. It is always a wise move to follow successful companies and their method to success. You observe, note their ideas and alter and improve on them by making their ideas unique to your business.

Of course you want to keep the packaging simple, yet have it operate as a constant reminder as the customer carries their purchase and takes it home. Then the customer getting home and maybe putting the packaging and the product on their kitchen table, desk or nightstand. All the while you receive free advertising and a constant reminder of your business.

Attractive packaging can range from classy looking jewelry boxes to drawstring pouches and brocade cinches. Unique is always better and generates conversation, which in turn generates potential new customers. So the secret is not any jewelry box, drawstring pouch or brocade cinch but one that has a uniqueness to your product or business. It does not have to be custom made, as our goal is to generate repeat business with a cost effective method.  Choose Pouches That Compliment Your Products

Try packaging your product in jewelry boxes and drawstring pouches that are not seen everywhere. One example would be to use organza tote bags, or rarely seen brocade cinches with inside pockets. When packaging in jewelry boxes use colors that match your product. Unique colors and styles is what works and leaves a memory in your customers mind. A homemade chocolate candy shop may use a cocoa colored jewelry box to put small purchases in. An nature shop or environmental awareness business may want to use natural kraft boxes. A business that focuses on a color theme needs to make sure they package in that color.

These are all subtle reminders of your business and why your business is different then other business. Your business will be remembered by customers because of your products, service and packaging. Remember being generates repeat customers which in turn generates new customers.


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