Results of Fetpak’s Survey Quiz

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Fetpak’s Survey Quiz Results

Coupon Code is Below

Thank you to all who took our March 2017 Survey/Quiz 

We Know You Have Been Anxiously Awaiting The Results

Drum Roll Please!

Where is Fetpak Located?

7%…..Los Angeles, CA (wrong coast) undecided

1%…..Truth or Consequences, NM (this was our funny choice, yet 1%) surprised

8%…..Springfield, MA (we don’t have New England accents) laughing

83%…Commack, NY (of course, hint…it’s at the bottom of every email) wink


Fetpak Distributes Which Products?

1%……Paper & Plastic Bags (we’re definitely known for bags, but…)

0%……Jewelry Gift Boxes

0%……Adhesive Labels & Tags

0%……Organza Pouches & Velour-Textured Pouches

99%….All of the Above (congrats to almost everyone) cool


How Many Times Have You Ordered From Fetpak?

45%…5 or More Times (we love our loyal customers)

23%…2-4 Times (repeat customers are awesome!)

20%…1 Time (thank you, looking forward to your next order)

12%…I Have Never Ordered (why not join the club & buy from the best?) laughing


Do You Have a Current Fetpak Catalog (Blue Cover)?

47%…Yes (yay!) cool

53%…No (you didn’t throw it out did you? cry If you would like one mailed, just Request Catalog)


Does Fetpak Have a Showroom?

63%…..Yes (if in the area you are always welcomed to visit) laughing

37%…..No (stop by and see our showrooms closeout section, most items way below manufacturers cost, so back up your truck!) cool


Does Fetpak Ship Orders the Same Day Received?

97%…Yes (so glad our customers know about our top rate service!) smile

3%…..No (did we mess up on these 3%? possibly, but it’s very rare) undecided


Which Social Media Sites Is Fetpak On?



74%…Both (correct both FB & TW, see us there for frequent specials and coupons) cool

12%…None (and here we thought everyone followed us on FB…not really) embarassed


Fetpak Has Free Shipping On Orders Over $85 To What Locations?

13%…Worldwide (Antarctica? Mongolia?…we are good but c’mon) undecided 

86%…All of the 48 Contiguous States (yay to those that know us well) smile

1%…..East of the Mississippi River (aaa….no) frown

0%…..Only in New York State (we didn’t fool anyone with NY) wink


Rate Fetpak From 1 to 5 With 5 Being The Best

70%…5 (thank you very much) cool

22%…4 (thank you too) smile

5%…..3 (wish we could be better than average for the 5%) frown

0%…..2 (no negative ratings, we love seeing that) laughing




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