Shipping Charges and How Companies Profit From It

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Don’t Let Companies Profit From “Shipping Charges”

Our Competitors Shipping Policies (we disguised their full names as we don’t want to embarrass them):

1) Company U_____- This billion dollar corporation charges you full shipping prices plus to add insult to injury they add $1.50 “handling”.  Handling?  Maybe they should charge for these too: Insurance, Electric, Water, Employees Salaries, Etc.  Why just handling?  Seems that is a charge they can easily take from your pocket, they hope  without you noticing.

2) Company PapMart- Quoted from their website, “Shipping can be a major expense…At checkout there may be additional shipping charges due to issues and surcharges by the shipper.”  Issues? Surcharges?  Wow, that sounds terrible.  It may pay to read their reviews to see their customers shipping charge complaints.  By the way, their review rating is very very low.

3) Company StoreSW- Quoted from their website, “When you place your order we can tell you what the shipping cost will be.  Our competitors can’t do that.”  Actually Fetpak can do that, see below.  StoreSW are you passing your Full UPS discount onto your customers?  Can we see your UPS bill to guarantee that?  No?  We thought so.

At Fetpak We Like Keeping It Simple:

Free Shipping in the 48 Contiguous States- Orders Over $85

$8.95 Flat Rate Shipping For Orders $85 and Under

We Also Ship the Same Day if Received by 1:00 PM ET.

Browse around Fetpak’s Website and know that the price you see is the price you get.  No surprises and the money you save goes into your pocket, not ours.  Honesty is our priority at Fetpak.


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