Analyzing Company Reviews

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You find a company online that has products that interest you. If you have never purchased from that company then how do you know if they are honest? Their products are priced reasonably and appear to be good quality, but that does not tell you if the company is honest. The best way to determine honesty is read their reviews. By reviews we certainly do not mean testimonials, nor do we mean reviews posted on their website. We mean completely independent reviews. Usually these can be found if you search the companies name and then the words "reviews". When looking at reviews you should first look at............... Read more


Leave That Money in Front of Fetpak

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If you are walking by Fetpak's Building and saw $5, $10, $20 or $50 in the street, please do not pick it up. Just step over it and continue walking. Maybe you have enough money that you can pass it by. Maybe it's not worth the effort of bending over or the effort of putting it in your pocket. Whatever the reason you obviously do not need it. What kind of customers are we referring to?.............................. Read more


Grow Sales With Attractive Store Displays

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Display, Display, Display. In the store owners or vendors world, those three words mean the exact same as the words, "Location, Location, Location" mean in the real estate world. While browsing some small shops and also vendors at street fairs and flea markets you cannot help but notice horrid displays. From dirty, to cheap looking to simply ugly. The displays scream "Amateur". When a customer detects an amateur shop owner or vendor their first reaction is to............. Read more


Jewelry Pouches & Jewelry Boxes and Generating Repeat Business

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You are closing a sale, you have helped the customer decide and the customer likes their purchase and is satisfied with the transaction. You have covered everything and it all appears fine. However you forgot one of the most important things in a business and the very survival of your business is dependent on it. The ultimate question is how do you get your business to stand out and be remembered by your customers?........... Read more

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